Friday, September 22, 2006


In 1994 JD Enterprises & Co., Inc. was founded to meet a growing need for OEM electronic products to the music industry. Since its inception, the company has focused on the growth potential of providing superior products to satisfy the needs of its dealers.

In 2004 was birthed to extend this philosophy to retail consumers. This philosophy has led to the development of an extensive and sophisticated online presence that now services thousands of satisfied consumers throughout the United States.


Thrilling Audio is a customer driven organization dedicated to using technology in optimizing the presentation of audio and electronic products.

- We strive to provide our expanding customer base the best online and retail experience available in today’s marketplace.
- We exceed our customers’ expectations by providing a truly exceptional level of integrity, courtesy and service.
- The customer’s experience and satisfaction is the ultimate key to the success of both ourselves and those whose products we represent.

Foundational Beliefs & Values:

- Superior products need to be marketed in a superior way using highly developed and strategic marketing systems.
- Consistent and ongoing relationships with customers establish long term success.
- Our ultimate success rests in fulfilling our mission statement while acknowledging the living God as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ through our actions, attitudes, and faith.
- The one truly enduring way to attain unprecedented heights is to be a servant both of integrity and of others.

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